Outsourcing & Online Earning

Tips & Tricks for Online Earning Techniques

  1. Freelancing: Working as a freelancer anyone can earn through online from $10 to $2000 per month. Some popular freelancing sites are freelancer.com, upwork.com, LimeExchange.com, getacoder.com, rentacoder.com etc.
  2. Creative Weblogging: This is another online earning technique. First need to register on this site (creative-weblogging.com) and then make at least three posts in a week regularly and this way it can be possible to earn up to $80 in one single month. Great opportunity to earn in high volume by writing blog regularly.
  3. Flixya: Flixya is the best revenue sharing site which displays Google ads on websites shared contents and website owner get the earnings by ads. This is a Google Adsense revenue sharing site. Flixya shares 100% of its revenue to website owner.
  4. Online Tutoring: Become an online tutor and start earning. Some well reputed sites for online tutoring are Tutor, Tutor vista, languagespirit.com, verbalplanet.com
  5. Play Games: Moola.com is a popular online games site. Moola.com pays gamer for playing online games but they have to play the multiplayer games. Starting earning is low but will get wonderful deals along the  way  to  multiply that  earnings.
  6. YouTube: YouTube is the most famous and well reputed video sharing and streaming websites. If someone has uploaded the videos and those videos get a lot of visitors and comments then that person can apply for their partnership program. Once get acceptance from YouTube, that person can earn a lot.
  7. Facebook: Facebook is one of those networks that anyone can use for selling or offering the services that he/she have and it is not just meant for meeting friends but it can also help anyone with their needs.
  8. Domain Parking: Domain parking is the way of online earning. Domain parking is a very easy way of earning online without doing anything. Many people are earning from this program just by parking the purchased domain. This method of earning is very easy and simple. Just purchase a domain name(try to make an attractive domain name) and then point your domain to parking website other than your own hosting server or space. Some popular such websites are GoDaddy, Afernic, Sedo etc. After changing your hosting server name to the parking server, they will change your domain into a single paged proper website having some links related to your domain name and when your domain will be visited or someone will try to search your domain from search engines and when the visitors use the links on that page, you will get the earnings. And a small amount of earnings will go to the website which is parking your domain.
  9. Affiliate programs: Affiliate programs is one of the safest bet for earn money online free. Affiliate program is a money making method in which the advertiser pay their respective client for increasing the traffic hits to their websites. Your job is to just post the advertiser link in your blogs or website. If any user on your website or blog clicks on the advertiser’s advertisement you get commission for that this method is known as Pay per Click affiliate programs. In case of Pay per Sale affiliate programs, if the user purchases some product you get commission for that service. In case of Pay per Action affiliate programs, if the user click the link on your website or blog and execute some kind of action such as completing a form or opening a web account, you receive revenue for your services. This method is used by many online sites like dating websites, online gaming websites and many more. Affiliate marketing is used by many marketing website and blogs.

10 Simple Ways to Earn Money Online without Any Investment

  1. By Clicking Ads:    Adsense.com, Neobux.com, paidverts.com
  2. Online Survey Jobs:  Powerofopinions.co.uk, Evansdata.net, paidviewpoint.com
  3. Article Writing Service:  Amazon.com, aliexpress.com
  4. Affiliate Marketing :  mobidea.com, Clickbank.com, Avantlink.com, Flexoffers.com
  5. Blogging from Home:   flexjobs.com, bloggerjobs.biz
  6. Freelancing Jobs:    freelancer.com, upwork.com, LimeExchange.com, getacoder.com
  7. Online Tutoring Jobs:   Tutor, Tutor vista,languagespirit.com, verbalplanet.com
  8. Forum Posting:    flickr.com/help/forum, forum.joomla.org, forums.digitalpoint.com
  9. Email Marketing:   verticalresponse.com, aweber.com, mailchimp.com
  10. Video Uploading Job:  youtube.com