Security tips and tricks for Consumers

There are many steps that consumers and end users can take to protect themselves. Few recommendations about security tips and tricks for the consumers are given below:

Secure yourself at first: Security and awareness should come from the end users at first. During the using of internet end user should have to check that antivirus have installed and updated properly in their local machine. They also make sure that their Local PC’s firewall settings, browser cookies settings are in active state.

Think before you click: Before clicking any email attachment at first make sure that this email and attachment has come from the right sources. Opening the wrong attachment can introduce malware into the system as well as infected the system. In that case, unless trusting the sender, never view or open any email attachments.

Provide shield in your own data:  It is need to be careful during provide the personal data (login information, birth date, pet names etc.) in online especially any social network site or professional networking sites or any e-commerce site. The information that share online puts the end users at risk for social engineering attacks.

Always use strong passwords:  Always use strong and unique passwords for any accounts.  Password shall be combination of at least three of stated criteria like uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers.  It is necessary to change passwords in a frequent manner like every three months and obviously never reuse the passwords.

Never install free ware version software: Versions of software that claim to be free, cracked or pirated can expose the end users to malware. So, need to be careful in that case.

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