Online Banking Safety Tips & Tricks

  • Enable ‘alerts’ (SMS/ email) & other security measures for online banking account login as well as any sort of transactions.
  • Don’t use the same login ID/password for other websites or software. Use separate and unique ID as well as complex password for online banking account.
  • Change account password on frequent basis and never share your password with anyone. Even don’t write the password anywhere else.
  • Ensure the web site address starts with https:// (for proper encryption of the sensitive data).
  • Be suspicious of unknown emails & text messages from the financial institutions or from any unknown sources. Do not click on any link in the email. Do not registrar any online forum, social network sites using your official email address.
  • Never save your login name or passwords into the web browsers.
  • Don’t access bank account from a public computer (cyber café or public computer lab) or from unprotected device (mobile/POD without antivirus protection).
  • Properly log out from all logged in accounts after finishing the tasks.
  • Do not post personal information or secret questions answer on the internet (like as: date of birth, mother’s maiden name, sibling or parent’s full name etc).  As these are the answers to many security questions and can provide valuable information for a cyber-criminal.

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