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Securing Internet connected devices

Cyber-criminals are broadening their nets to focus on an assortment of gadgets and stages. When new devices are completely unprotected, they can be very vulnerable to malware infections or social engineering scams that can steal personal information.

  • Antivirus software is vital yet it is should have been mindful of fake antivirus software. Ensure; dependably buy the security software from a trustworthy seller. Security software ought to incorporate at any rate: continuous hostile to infection, a two-way firewall, against spyware, against phishing and safe inquiry abilities.
  • Protection of data from theft/loss is the first priority. In case of buy any product or device always consider a product that offers data backup and restore features as well as advanced security that allows locating a missing device and remotely locking that device in case of loss or theft.
  • Awareness should come from personal end. Need to educate family members and pay attention to children’s online activities. It is necessary to discuss with the family members including children’s which information is appropriate to share online and which is not, such as addresses, phone numbers, and other private information.
  • It is recommended always download apps from a reputable app store. Third-party applications can be malicious and need to be careful to download any apps.
  • Backing up of personal handheld devices like; mobile, laptop, Tab etc. is necessary to protect the confidential data.
  • In case of removable storage device, such as a flash drive or portable hard drive, always use encrypted USB stick or protected portable hard drive to protect the sensitive data if the device lost or stolen